Several years ago a prophetess spoke over me that God was going to release in my life a greater prophetic anointing/gifting and that it was going to be 'an overnight thing.' Little did I know that God literally meant 'an overnight thing!' That night I had two spiritual dreams.

I do not recall comprehending any spiritual dreams before that night. I did not grow up around people who shared spiritual dreams with me and I knew very little about them. If people spoke about spiritual dreams, I probably would have looked at them slightly skeptically and thought, 'Yeah, right.' I don't recall ever yearning for them or asking God for them, although I had seen them mentioned over and over in the Bible. As always, God knew exactly what I needed and I am forever grateful for the gift He has given me.

As I have been growing in my gifting in regards to spiritual dreams, I was frustrated by one main thing: the lack of an easy and quick solidly Christian reference for the imagery and content of spiritual dreams and visions. I am very grateful for Ira Milligan's books, Understanding the Dreams you Dream Volumes I & II. However, time and time again I struggled to find the references in these texts. Sometimes, I found it harder than using the printed Yellow Pages as the definitions are not listed in alphabetical order. Also, even though I understand that Ira never intended for the books to be an exhaustive reference, I still found it frustrating that the things of my dreams were often not in the books.

Also, even more frustrating for me then the simple inconvenience listed above was all the utter garbage out there; the counterfeit to what God is actually doing. If you have spent any time looking around the internet for biblical dream interpretation sites you may have walked away as I did feeling like you needed a shower. The spiritual side of things often draws out the greedy along with the fruits, flakes, and nuts, and for whatever reason interpreting dreams seems to do that exceedingly well.

This is the reason for this website. I hope to provide a free, quick, easy, and expandable Christian dream dictionary online. I encourage you strongly to purchase Ira Mulligan's books as there is a wealth of information in them. My copies are well worn. You can find them by clicking the following links: Understanding the Dreams you Dream Volume I & Understanding the Dreams you Dream Volume II. They are well worth your money.

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